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The Professional Bondsmen of Texas, an association, was established in 1970 as the Texas Association of Professional Sureties to support and assist bondsmen in the advancement of their business. In 1978, the name was changed to the Professional Bondsmen of Texas. For over thirty years the membership, comprised of men and women in the bail bond business, have worked diligently to protect the eighth amendment and the American Constitution Bail Provisions.

The Evolution of Bail

The Concept of bail evolved to protect citizens from oppressive government. It can be traced back to 399 BC, when Plato tried to create a bond for the release of Socrates. Today's bail system evolved from a series of laws started in England's middle ages. Those concepts of law are deeply rooted in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.
1215  THE MAGNA CARTA was the first step in granting rights to citizens. It is said that no man could be taken or imprisoned without being judged by his peers under the law of the land.
1275  THE STATUTE OF WESTMINSTER stated which crimes were bailable and which were not. It also determined which judges and officials could make decisions on bail.
1628  THE RIGHT OF PETITION gave defendants the right to be told the charges against them.
1677  THE HABEAS CORPUS ACT added to the Right of Petition stating that no one could be imprisoned without specific charges and that the person had the right to know if the charges against him were bailable or not.
1689  THE ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS safeguarded against judges setting bail too high.
1791  THE BILL OF RIGHTS OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, through the 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments, guarantees citizens the right to due process of law, a fair and speedy trial and protection against excessive bail.

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