Awards, Honors and Special Recognitions

Each year, PBT recognizes colleagues and/or vendors who have shown outstanding dedication and support of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas Association and the Texas bail industry. PBT members have the opportunity to submit nominations for many awards for several awards Plaques are presented each year at the Annual Convention during the State Luncheon.


Call for PBT 2019 Award Nominations


Please take a moment and ask yourself, ”Who has been a great help to the bail bond industry this year?”  We all know a person and/or company who has gone the extra mile and now is the time to give them the recognition they deserve.

Each year, PBT recognizes colleagues and/or vendors who have shown outstanding dedication and support of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas Association and the Texas Bail Industry.  PBT Members have the opportunity to submit nominations for the below Awards.  Winners will be announced, and plaques presented, at the 49th Annual Convention on October 10, 2019 during the Thursday banquet.

Submit Nominations for the following Awards:

The Professional Bondsmen of The Year

Recognizes a Current PBT Member for Significant Achievements and Contributions to the Texas  Bail Bond Industry and Support and Participation in PBT.

Award of Distinction/ “Friend Of PBT”

Recognizes a PBT Member, Non-Member, Individual or Company that has been Instrumental in the Success of the PBT Goals.

Legislative Friend Of PBT

Recognizes a Legislative/Governmental Affairs person who has Supported and Assisted with the PBT Legislative Agenda.

To submit a nomination download the 2019 Awards Nomination Form and email it to PBT Headquarters at

All nominations MUST be received by 5:00, September 16 and

all nominations are confidential! 

If you have any questions, contact PBT Headquarters, 512-701-7313.

Thank you in advance for your nomination!

Award Nomination Form

Down load the 2019 Award Nominations form

It is with honor that we recognize the following Award recipients:

“The Professional Bondsmen of the Year”

Recognizes a current PBT member for significant achievements and contributions to the bail bond industry and support and participation in PBT.  PBT members submit nominations for this award.


  Matt Clark

2017   Scott Walstad                                                             2016   Michael Byrd
2015   Deborah Farmer                                                                    2014   Renel Pedigo
2013   Wynn Dillard                                                                   2012   Glenn Meeker
2011   Davie Westmoreland                                                                 2010   Marjorie Walstad
2009   Scott Walstad                                                                            2008   Bo Jones
2007   C.E. Watson                                                                              2006    John McCluskey
2005    Tillmin Welch                                                                           2004    Glenn Strickland

Award of Distinction “Friend of PBT”

Recognizes a PBT member or non-member, individual or company that has been instrumental in the success of the PBT goals.  PBT members submit nominations for this award.                                                                     2018                                                                                                                                       Blanca Aregullin-Gandy, Mike Whitlock, Kim Farias,                                            Ramona (Moni) Salinas, Jeff Clayton

2017   Ken W. Good
2016   Bo Jones, John McClusky, Debbie Adams-Byrd, Kim Farias
2015   Marjorie Walstad                                                                                                                          2014   AIA, American Surety Company
2013    Lexington National Surety                                                                                                          2012    Camille Hodnet
2011    Accredited Surety & Casualty, Inc.
2010    Jerry, Watson, AIA Surety
2009   Nancy Reese, Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc
2008    Mike Whitlock, American Surety Company
2007    Randy Parton, Lexington National Insurance
2006    Creative Software Solutions, David Walker
2005    Robert E. Talton, Texas State Representative
2004    Lyle Guillory, United Surety Service, Alexandria, LA

“Legislative Friend of PBT”

Created in 2006, this award recognizes a legislative/governmental affairs person who has supported and assisted with the PBT legislative agenda.  PBT members submit nominations for this award.


Sylvia Sanchez


2016   Jeff Clayton American Bail coalition
2014   Senator John Whitmire
2013    Joe Valenzuela
2012    John McCluskey
2011    Glenn Strickland
2010    No Award Given
2009    Allen Fletcher, State Representative
2008    Gib Lewis, Former Texas Speaker of the House
2007    Dan Patrick, State Senator
2006    Kino Flores, Texas State Representative

“President’s Award”

Created in 2006, the President of PBT may present this award to an individual(s) or company(s) who he/she feels is deserving of special recognition for continued support and assistance to the Office of the President and to the Professional Bondsmen of Texas Association as well as sincere dedication to enhance the Bail Bond Industry.


                                                     Mike Byrd,  Scott Walstad,  John McCluskey,  Ken W. Good, Glenn Meeker

2017   Matt Clark Jim Lane, Sylvia Sanchez, Stan Stanley, Glenn Strickland
2016   Marjorie Walstad
2015   CE Watson, J. Wynn Dillard John McCluskey
2014   Randy Adler, Ken W. Good, Bo Jones, Glenn Meeker
2013   Deborah Farmer
2012   Melinda Webb
2011   Ken Good & Wynn “Doc” Dillard
2010   Michael Kubosh
2009   Not given
2008   Focused Solutions
2007   Randy Alder
2006   Roger Moore by President Marjorie Walstad


2018                                                                                                                                   Ramona (Moni) Salinas, Blanca Aregullin-Gandy,  Debbie Byrd


2018                                                                                                                               Renell Pedigo,  Randy Adler,  Deborah Farmer    

Honorary Lifetime Membership

The PBT Board of Directors may recommend an individual for this honor to the general membership at the Annual Meeting of the Membership.  The recommendation must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

Tillmin Welch
Kenneth Knowles
Gerald P. Monks