General Membership Meeting – Tentative Agenda

Professional Bondsmen of Texas

Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
Friday, October 11, 2019


General Membership Meeting - Tentative Agenda

NOTE:  The Chair may call a short recess about every hour as appropriate in the Agenda.  In order to allow time for speakers, routine business and committee reports from the Board of Directors meeting will not be repeated at the Membership Meeting.  Regular Board meetings are open to PBT members and invited guests subject to Board action (PBT Bylaws Sec 7.3) for details see the agenda at 

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call of Officers and Directors

3. Read/approve minutes of previous meetings

4. President’s Report

5. Financial Report

6. Receive PBUS update on national issues/PBUS activity

7. Receive 2019 Legislative Committee Report

8. Receive Harris County Lawsuit Report

9. Texas Bail PAC Report

10. Receive as needed committee reports

a. Standing Committees

1) Budget Committee

2) Continuing Education Committee

3) Membership Committee

4) Website Committee

b. Special Committees

1) Convention Committee

2) PR/Media Committee

11. Task Force

1) Allied Organizations

12. Old Business

13. New Business

14. Elections

15. Old Business

16. New Business

17 . Adjourn

Bo Jones, President

Judy Grandmaison-Warren, Sec

Judy Grandmaison-Warren, Sec

Bo Jones, President

Melinda Webb, Treasurer

Ronnie Long, PBUS

Scott Walstad, Cmt Chair

Ken Good, Chair

Eddie Dees, PAC/Treasurer



Melinda Webb, Chair

Randy Adler/Ken Good. Chairs

Kim Farias, Chair

Moni Salinas, Chair


Blanca Gandy, Chair

Ken Good, Chair


Blanca Gandy, Chair

Bo Jones, President

Bo Jones, President

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