New Presidents Message

Mike Byrd
PBT President

Fellow PBT Members:

As your newly elected President, I would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual Convention and, most importantly, thank the sponsors and exhibitors for making this year’s convention such a success.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to your new Board of Directors:


Mike Byrd – President

Clay Nicklas, Vice President

Moni Salinas, Treasurer

Irma Montemayor, Secretary

Paul Schuder, Parliamentarian


Board Members:

Matt Clark, Ronnie Long, John McCuskey, Stan Stanley, Glenn Meeker, Scott Walstad, Ken Good, Sonny de la Chica, Blanca Aregullin-Gandy, Cory Lee, Chris Konnecke, Rene Ortega, Judy Grandmaison-Warren and Zina Meeker.

My first request to the Board is that we all work together toward our common goal – the betterment of the bail industry in Texas.  We are here to represent Texas bondsmen and urge our members to become involved with PBT by volunteering to be on a committee.

My first immediate goal is to increase our membership.  I have challenged our Membership Committee to increase membership to 400 members by the end of next year.  We are all going through difficult times right now and money is tight.  To help lessen the burden, PBT voted to reduce membership dues for full members to $300 and you will have the option of paying your dues over a 3 month period.  I feel this is a step in the right direction to increase our membership.

Without the support and membership of Texas bondsmen, we could be fighting a losing battle in the 2021 legislative session.  Bail reform is not going away so we must take this time to build our membership to show legislators how Texas bondsmen help protect our communities and provide a safer future for all citizens of Texas.

My second immediate goal is to encourage bondsmen to meet your local and state representatives NOW especially with so many local elections taking place in November.  This is the perfect opportunity to contact local campaign offices and volunteer to help put out yard signs, work in the campaign office, etc.  The officials not only will be grateful for the help, but they will also remember you when the time comes to ask for their support of bond issues.

I am pleased to announce that PBT has contracted with Townsquare to revamp our website.  They are already working with PBT Website Chair Moni Salinas and we can all look forward to a new design to roll out soon.

I am proud to represent our members and want to ensure Texas bondsmen that I will continue to fight against negative bail reform.

Thank you!

Mike Byrd

PBT President


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