PBT 2019 Election Candidates for Year 2020 – 2022

PBT 2019 Election Candidates for Year 2020 - 2022

Full members of PBT were given the opportunity send an Intent to Run notice for an Officer or Director position on the Board of Directors.  Although not required, they were also given the opportunity to submit a paragraph.  The following members have announced their candidacy for the following positions.  This is a corrected listing of candidates.  They will need to be nominated and seconded at the election on Friday, October 11, 2019 during the General Membership Meeting.  Additional candidates may be nominated and seconded from the floor at the election as well.


Mike Byrd, Brenham, TX
Intent to Run for President
I would be honored to be elected as your President of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas. As the current Vice President of PBT, I have learned the management of the association and what is expected of the President. I have been a bondsman for 22 years and a proud member of PBT for 20 years. As past Chair of the Membership and Continuing Education Committees, I have been travelling to the bail bond education courses to recruit new members and raise awareness of PBT. As a member of the Legislative Committee, I was very active during the past legislative session by physically going to the Capitol several days each week to help fight Bail Reform and to keep our communities safe. The past 2 years I was involved with reorganizing the structure of the management of PBT with a new executive director and CPA firm. I would like to continue to help guide and nurture the maturity of our goals of increasing membership, expanding social media, and assisting with the legislative process as President of PBT. My personal goal is to ensure all bondsmen in Texas are represented and that the bail industry in Texas continues to survive. Thank you in advance for your vote at the October 11, 2019 election during the convention.

Rene Ortega, Edinburg, TX
Intent to Run for President
The 2017 Legislative session reminded me there are many facets to the bail bond business and most of the bondsmen in Texas are great businesspeople. As an association, we need to find ways to involve all these great folks and get the whole industry working together to insure our survival. The problem is most of us are busy concentrating on running our businesses and not promoting our industry. I recall thinking it would be very difficult for a legislator to write a law to adversely affect one of his friends, so I set out to make new friends. I became good friends with some of my competitors. We then became good friends with our legislators and other elected officials. The 2019 Session was in part a success because of the relationships we developed after 2017. This was not an easy task, but in the end, Hidalgo County has provided PBT with a formula for success. I am an accountant, Bail Bond Board Rep, VP of the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Association and BOD for Palm Valley Church. For 25 years I have run a very efficient and effective business. Our businesses have provided our families throughout this Great State a great living. In order to insure commercial bail survives, we must all roll up our sleeves and get to work. My hope is to bring this to atmosphere to PBT as President. I ask for your support. Thank you!

Clay Nicklas, Athens, TX
Intent to Run for Vice President
I am Clay Nicklas and I have been a bondsman for 15 years in northeast Texas. I am married to my wife and best friend, Teresa Nicklas, and together we have three children Kaylie (18), Kori (15) and Connley (10). I am an active PBT member and have served on the legislative committee and other committees for several years and currently serve as one of your elected directors. In addition to my PBT work, I currently serve as an elected Trustee for the Canton I.S.D, President of The Republican Club of Van Zandt County, Director of the Van Zandt County Appraisal District and formerly served as a City Councilman in Canton, Texas. Like many of you, I have worked tirelessly the last several years in my community and in Austin fighting against “Bail Reform,” both during and in between legislative sessions. After having been successful the last two legislative sessions, we must diligently continue the fight against “Bail Reform” and be ready to adjust and adapt our strategy and fight, in the future. In my current and former elected positions, I have a track record of leadership and being able to work with anyone and everyone to get a job done. I humbly ask for your support and your vote for Vice-President of The Professional Bondsmen of Texas.

Irma Montemayor, Edinburg, TX
Intent to Run for Secretary
I am a proven leader in the Bail Bond Industry with over thirty one (31) years’ experience. I started off as a clerk and have held many positions culminating in ownership of one of the top producing bail bond companies in Hidalgo County. Currently I hold the position as Secretary for the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Association, and I have actively supported PBT during legislative sessions by attending the State Capitol when needed. Additionally, I have Co-chaired the PBT Annual Convention Committee two years in a row. Lastly, I have represented the Bail Bond industry by setting up and communicating with judicial groups as well as other law enforcement professionals during their conferences. I have great pride in our chosen profession, and I am ready to make a positive contribution to our industry and believe my skills and background will positively impact our mission. I pledge my commitment and full support to ensure our message is strong with a united voice.

Melinda Webb, Denton, TX
Intent to Run for Secretary
This is my letter of intent to run for the office of Secretary for the Professional Bondsmen of Texas 2020 – 2022. I believe, as a member of this association, we should all do our part as professional bondsmen to keep commercial bail bin the criminal justice system. I have been an active member since 2002 and I urge all bondsmen in Texas to become members to make this a stronger association. I hope to see all of you at the 40th Annual Convention in San Antonio.

Ramona (Moni) Salina, Edinburg, TX

Intent to Run for Treasurer

My name is Ramona ‘Moni’ Salinas and I am the owner of DWI Bail Bonds in Hidalgo County and currently hold a seat as one of your PBT Board of Directors. I am submitting my intent to run for PBT Treasurer. I have over 10 years of experience in the bail bond industry and have worked diligently alongside many bondsmen to continue the security of commercial bail in Texas. As a team player I have learned and grown in the industry, starting with the unity and blessings of fellow bondsmen in my own county, where, together, we reactivated our local association. While I was President of the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Association, I assisted with treasurer responsibilities including monitoring expenditures and monthly reports and as an independent business owner, I have an in depth understanding of the financial aspects of running a successful business.  As PBT Board Director, I have been appointed chair to several committees, while continuing to volunteer and be engaged on all other committees within PBT. Commercial bail is at a daily risk and our work is far from done. I humbly ask once again for your continued support and vote as your next PBT Treasurer.

Candidates for a Director Position in Alphabetical Order

Matt Clark, Georgetown, TX
Running for Re-election to the Board of Directors
I have been involved in the bail business for the past 30 years and a member of PBT for the past 21 years. In the last 3 years I have become very active in our association and the attempted preservation of our industry. I was elected to serve on the Board almost 2 years ago and would appreciate your vote to continue to serve for another 2 years.

Gage Gandy. Bryan/College Station, TX
Running for Election to the Board of Directors
My name is Gage Gandy and I am the owner of Gage Gandy Bail Bonds and have been a licensed Bail bondsman for 23 year. I would be honored to be elected to serve on the board for the Professional Bondsmen of Texas. I would work hard to preserve our industry and fight for our values with honesty and integrity. I would greatly appreciate your support.

Ronnie Long. Ft. Worth, TX
Running for Re-election to the Board of Directors
I am currently on the PBT Board of Directors. I have been a member of the association since 1977 and served as president or board director all but 2 years. I have been honored to serve on the board and feel my knowledge of the bail bond industry will help move the association forward in a positive direction. I will continue to attend all meetings and serve Texas bondsmen to the best of my ability if re-elected.

Glenn Meeker, Seguin, TX
Running for Re-election to the Board of Directors
I would like to be re-elected, and continue to serve PBT, as a member of the Board of Directors. I wish to help guide this organization in a successful manner through the troubling times ahead. I feel that I am well qualified for this position, as I have dedicated many years of service and hard work to our continued success, including: (1) Most recent past President of P.B.T., (2) Many years of service as a Director of P.B.T., (3) Chairman of the Membership Committee for several years, (4) Member of the Legislative Committee for 8 years, (5) Member of the Legislative Team for the last two Legislative sessions, and (6) Many other contributions as Committee Memberships, with many accomplishments, and awards, including Bondsman of the year in 2012. Please consider my candidacy for this office.

John McCluskey, Houston, TX
Running for Re-election to the Board of Directors
I have been a member of PBT for thirty years and have severed as Chairman on numerous committees. I have been a Board of Directors member since 2005 and on the legislative committee since 2003. While on the legislative committee I worked with our legislative team in Austin for the past 16 years.
I served as the Vice President for three and half years and President for four years. I feel I am qualified to serve on the PBT Board of Directors for another two years. I would truly appreciate your consideration.

Stan Stanley, Beaumont, TX

Running for Election to the Board of Directors

I believe in ACTION, ORGANIZATION and RESULTS. My family has been in the bonding business for over 38 years in Jefferson Co and you may know me from the Grassroots for Bail Preservation project that Matt Clark and I created in 2017 to help PBT to communicate about and organize a grassroots fight against Bail Reform.  We later saw the need for a professional grassroots organizer and public relations firm and organized private donors for that effort. Since that time I have been a part of the PR/Grassroots team that has been instrumental in involving 3rd party public officials and engaging the media and the public on Bail Reform.  I have also spent many hours lobbying with the legislative team for our cause in the last 2 sessions and I currently serve as a member of the PBT Legislative Committee.  If elected I will work to implement a specific plan that will include: 1) Growing our membership by providing more value to our bondsmen 2) Building a strong and well-organized grassroots effort to train bondsmen to be politically active 3) Work toward changing our public image as professionals. I am ready to get back to work. I would appreciate your vote.

Scott Walstad, Dallas, TX
Running for Re-election to the Board of Directors
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